Dr. Sign Fireman became born again at the age of five, was called yet at a very tender age, started writing Christian articles at the age of six, started preaching at the age of seven, got involved in pastoring at the age of twelve, started writing Christian books at the age of fourteen, and started holding city-wide miracle crusades at the age of nineteen (with thousands attending, and two people lame from birth walking, among many other miracles), and planted his first church at the age of twenty.

To be prepared for the work, he read over forty thousand books, and Jesus appeared to him over one thousand times and taught him the mistakes and mysteries of Christianity, making his teaching ministry striking and revolutionary! On the July 11, 2004 by 8:37pm, God specially anointed him with fire … an experience that burnt part of his face and part of his hair. Literally all manner of miracles began to follow his words and prayer from that day.

Equipped with all these, God sent him to take the Final Move of God to the peoples of the world! Since then, he is taking the omnipotence of God and a revival of the life of God to the peoples of the world. From all manner of healings and deliverances to moving things from one location to another, to repairing things by the anointing, creating things by the anointing, and so on, just anything is possible. Doubtless, a new day has come for the Body of Christ!